Windshield Cash Back FAQ

We have assembled a list of our frequently asked questions regarding cash back offers with windshield cash back.

What is a windshield cash back offer?

A windshield cash back offer is a promotion or incentive offered by an auto glass company to provide cash back to the customer for replacing their vehicle’s windshield. The amount of cash back may depend on the type of service provided, the cost of the service, the terms of the offer, and other conditions.

Who is eligible for windshield cash back?

Eligibility for windshield cash back can vary depending on the terms of the specific offer. Generally, cash back offers are between the glass company and the customer and the insurance company is not involved. Some insurance companies or insurance networks prohibit their members from providing cash back offers. We only work with insurance companies who do not prohibit these offers.

What documents do I need to provide to claim windshield cash back?

No documentation required. If the glass company offers the cash back, get a written confirmation of the amount of the cash back and have the work done and billed to your insurance company. The glass company will send you your cash back upon receipt of payment from your insurance company.

How long do I have to file a windshield cash back claim?

You don’t file the claim. You have an insurance company who does not prohibit cash back offers and have the work done by a glass company who offers the cash back.

Can I get cash back for a windshield replacement on my insurance policy?

Cash back offers only work in conjunction with insurance. Cash back does not make sense when not using insurance.

How much cash back can I get for a windshield replacement?

Amounts vary. The cash back comes from the different between the cost of replacing the windshield, plus overhead expenses and profit and what the insurance company pays.

Can I get cash back for a windshield repair?

Generally no. But chip repairs are usually done for free.

Can I get cash back if I use a different auto glass service than the one recommended by the insurance company?

Consult your auto glass company if they take your insurance and can provide the cash back offer.

Is windshield cash back taxable?

It is suggested you contact a tax professional for tax advice.

Can I get windshield cash back for a commercial vehicle?

It depends on the policies of the company who owns the vehicle.

Can I transfer the windshield cash back to another person?

Sure. It’s your money. Do with it as you like..

Who can I contact for more information about windshield cash back?

Call the glass company your considering replace your windshield.